Thursday, August 09, 2007

Three Things Thursday

The kids and I are going to the Western Montana State Fair today in Missoula with my friend, Nance, and her kids.

1. Nance and I have agreed that we are not doing the rides, as they are terribly overpriced and the lines will be horrendously long today, since it is Kids' Day (free admission for kids). We will instead go see all the exhibits and shows on the various stages. We gave the kids their choice: a trip to the fair with friends but no rides, or no trip to the fair. Aren't we mean moms?

2. Tonight's big event is the PRCA Professional Rodeo. It is always fun to be a redneck, even if it is just for one night (especially if it is just for one night). This year's rodeo is themed "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" and a portion of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research. Both the cowboys and the fans are encouraged to wear pink tonight. I'll try to get some photos.

3. Andy will not be joining us for this event, as he leaves today for Castaway Club in Minnesota (again) to take some middle schoolers to camp for a week. We will miss him.

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alison said...

Yee Hah!

Regarding your question on my post, we started school this week and some of the kids have been sick. Planning to regroup this weekend...

Have fun at the fair and good job on making the ride policy straightforward and upfront.