Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Super Barbies

Much to my personal chagrin, my daughter loves Barbie dolls. It started about a year ago, when some friends from church offered to give her the huge dollhouse they had built for their own daughters many years ago. We graciously accepted the gift of the dollhouse, not realizing it had been built to Barbie scale and would come with a doll and a large supply of clothes.


For a year, Elli has happily played with this one doll and her very outdated wardrobe. Yesterday, we were at Goodwill and she found a bin of old Barbies, most with their hair cut off by budding beauticians, none with a stitch of clothing on their bodies, and all priced at twenty-nine cents apiece. She pleaded with me to allow her to buy them all so she could have Barbie parties, and so that her one doll at home could finally have some friends. We compromised. Two naked Barbies went into the shopping cart.

She is estatic.

She brings them everywhere she goes, all the while carrying on a complex dialogue of conversation between the three friends. They are named Grace, Abbie and Elizabeth and they are very busy getting to know one another.

Tonight, Elli brought them to me, dressed in their finest, and informed me that the three have super powers.

Grace, with the fair skin and short red hair, is dressed in a full-length evening gown, pink with a yellow floral print bodice and a large fabric flower at the waistline. Apparently, her alter ego is Karate-Chop Girl and you wouldn't want to face her in a fight. She has the additional ability to grow her hair long anytime she wants, but keeps it in a short pony tail right now until the need arises.

Abbie, dressed to the nines in a tea-length purple formal with rainbow sequins, is dark skinned with a full head of wild black hair. The dress is very flattering to her complexion. She is also known as Black Alley Cat Girl, and is the one you want on your team if an altercation is occuring in a dark back alley--where many crimes do indeed occur. She can sneak up on a perp in the darkness and her punch is strong enough to cause instant death.

Elizabeth, the original member of the Wonder Trio and the only blonde among them, prefers a shorter length party dress, a neon ruffled number left over from the 80's. She doubles as Super Hair Wrap Girl. Her wild mane of hair can be used as a weapon, not only to grab people by the arm if they are getting away, but also to strangle bad guys on the spot. It also comes in handy if she needs to swing out of the path of danger.

All of the girls can fly.

Oh, and I've just been informed that Grace also has every other super power there is. The other two just call her Super Girl.


strider1971 said...

awesome. sounds like she'd be fine. and goes to show you she's got quite the imagination.

CML_Shearings said...

Oh, Esther liked Barbies in 1st & 2nd grades until she overdosed. She only owned two... a Queen Esther & a regular blonde one. We invited the 13 girls of her 2nd grade class to her April BD roller-skating party. Only one of her friends' gifts was something other than a Barbie!! We never asked that many girls to her BD celebration again. You were wise to limit Elli. I so love to hear about her creativity!

Eagle-eye Di said...

My granddaughters would love to be there playing barbies with her.It sounds like she is enjoying her treasured finds.At those prices you can't beat it.Love ya Ellie,enjoy your friends.