Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun With Anagrams

If you haven't noticed by now, I like words, letters, pretty much anything to do with written language. Not to dot my own i, but I'm the girl you want on your team if you are ever playing a game that requires you to unscramble words. Cranium has a category like that called Zelpuz, I recall (that's puzzle). They just jump out at me, it seems, and I find much pleasure in arranging and rearranging letters. Scrabble? Oh, yes, I Scrabble.

So I ran across this anagram generator web-site and had a little fun with it last night, when I could have been doing something productive instead. I entered in the names of my readers, or those I think at least read occasionally, and have some very fun results. Now some of you have very rearrangable names, and some of you don't, so don't be surprised if I could only find one or two fun ones for you and ten for someone else. My own last name, for example, is terribly hard to work with.

In my immediate family, using full first name and last name only, I came up with the following:

Andy--Wired Dawn Chick (sorry, not very masculine)
Sherry--Decry Which Risk? or Rich Icky Shrewd
Nathaniel--Lick Antacid, Whine
Elliana--Kill Cicada Whine or Ideal Hawk Clinic

My extended family (who read this blog) includes:

Mom D.--Raise Rend Join
Dad D.--Trashy Moral (I came up with no results for first and last name, Dad, so I went with first and middle. Nice.)
Brother Jim--Jar Sod Miser
His bride-to-be, Patricia (with her current last name)--Arise, Each Turnip; Cheap Ranier Suit; Erupt, Each Raisin; Purchase Inertia; Sure Hire Captain; Such Neat Prairie; Auntie Crisp Hair
Uncle Ed--Darn Rude Wert
Auntie D--Aunt Seen Bird? or Banister Nude (scandalous!)
Cousin Dan--Bread Utensil, Dental Bruise, Stern Audible, Tulsa Inbreed
Mom C.--Tend July Hive (Again, no results for first and last, so I went with first and middle.)
Dad C.--Admit Which Sock or Hick Wisdom Chat
Sister Ruth--Church Wit Kid or Hick With Crud (love that one)
Brother Tom (same as his dad, above, or...)--Mohawk Itch Disc

Miscellaneous Reading Friends:

Stuart--Wheat Crust
Sheila--Lease Which?
Scott L.--Sly Cost Ton
Amanda--Damn Safe Hair
Alison--Slain Hood Song or Ooh, Lansing Sod or Dog Slash Onion
Paul--Gondola Push
Dan--Salad Ointment, Annals Omitted, Manna Diet Lost, Damn Toast Line, Total Sane Mind
Amber--Drab Mars Weed
Chad--Scald Anchor
Cindy--Scary Cold Inn
Cary (CML)--Clean Nylon Visor, Silver Canon Only, Slain Corny Novel, Nylon Snail Cover
Nance--Ban New Corn
Scott R.--Treason City, Society Rant, Nasty Erotic, Tray Section
T--Mystery Ore
Michael--Lame Harmonica; Normal Mice, Aha!; Alamo Chairmen; Amoral Machine; Macho Mean Liar, Main Meal: Roach, Mailman Horace

And just one more--a friend who doesn't blog anymore, but probably loves anagrams even more than I do. Her first and last name didn't produce much, but her first and maiden name, which is also now her middle name, yielded the following gems:

Merry Punk, Ha!
Perky Ham Urn
Rhyme Up Rank
Hey, Rank Rump!
Her Army Punk
Murky Rap Hen

Love you, KMJ!


alison said...

You are really briliant.

As far as, "doing something productive" goes, you are staving off dementia. You can't develop the habits that fight that soon enough.

Jeannie said...

So bad (da sob or BO ads), but such a good laugh!

Sherry C said...


Ask P. if the kids can call her Auntie Crisp Hair. We all like that one quite a bit.

Once she and Jim are married (assuming she takes his name, we are limited to things like:
Cairo Arid Strip, Acrid Paris Riot and Satiric Air Drop.


You may hereby address your brothers as Ethanol Fawn (or perhaps the walking singles ad, Want One Half), and Worn Flea Net (or perhaps the more appropriate Reel Town Fan).

Cindee said...

Delurking to say "Cool!" You didn't mention the site you found but here's the one I found: http://wordsmith.org/anagram/

Bend Neck Eerie, or
Need Bee Nicker, or
Be Needier Neck
(sister of May I Race Hajj? [Jaymarie])

Sheila said...

FUN! I love this. I can just see you, sitting in front of your computer, completely engrossed with this. I agree with Alison, too - brain activity is just as important as physical exercise!

AmberJ said...

I can't even be an exciting Mars Weed! :) I won't dwell on it.

And I think she would get a kick out of "rank rump!"

CML_Shearings said...

Loved this post!! This Slain Corny Novel has another "Writer's Digest" for you. Shall I drop it off at your old place?

Dan said...

Let's talk toast. There's a fine line where the toast can be just right, and then suddenly, it goes over the edge into unrecoverable territory, where the DAMN TOAST LINE has been crossed once again. There's only one thing left to do to salvage the damage: use them in a salad. What we need now is a little culinary first aid. Scrape the char off, cut them into croutons, slap some olive oil them, a SALAD OINTMENT of sorts, and then make a Caesar salad out of them. I urge you to make sure that the toast is made with whole grain, particularly if you're on the "Maker's Diet." (I like to call it the "MANNA DIET." LOST anything on it yet?) If you do lose anything on it, you'll go down in the Manna Diet ANNALS. OMITTED will be any backward steps, because cheating is OK from time, since we all understand the benefit of cookies to help maintain a TOTAL SANE MIND.

(I obviously enjoyed the anagrams...)

(And am a little nerdy.)

Sherry C said...


You are absolutely cracking me up. Too white and nerdy, indeed.


I'm so sorry. Your other option was Dead Mars Brew. Take your pick.


I did like the Slain Corny Novel. Yes, drop off the book at the house anytime, when it's convenient. I'm in no hurry. Thanks.


I didn't know you were still around. Nice to have you here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rank Rump!!! That slays me! ;) I love all of them, though I think Auntie Crisp Hair is hands down the BEST of the bunch. lol! -- kmj