Thursday, July 12, 2007

Three Things Thursday
Summer Poetry Edition

1. House Rules

My house must hold its breath so tight
From morning tea ‘til dark of night

The heat stays out, the cool stays in
An open window counts as sin

Once sun has set and night is fair
The house can breathe the cool fresh air

2. Sticky Skin

I get so tired of sticky skin
My face, my neck, my back
I’d shower seven times a day
But then I’d dry and crack

I really have no choice, you see
From June until September
I sunblock (sometimes), bug spray, sweat
Soft skin I can’t remember

3. Summer Socks

Ahh, Summer socks from strappy sandals
Smooth as skin and just as thin
They’re seen across the nation

Bright white stripes on a brown background
Won’t fade at all, at least ‘til Fall
A seasonal sensation


alison said...

Is your house breathing yet?

Loved the poetry.

Wish you could cool off in my pool.

Sherry C said...


Cooling off in your pool sounds lovely, as I sit here in my hot car (no A/C, of course) stealing some business's wireless signal.

I hope to do it again sometime.

The cooling off in your pool part.