Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quality Entertainment

The “cable guy” finally came today to get some technology hooked up here in the Loft. He had very little to do, poor guy. We aren’t getting a land line telephone for this temporary situation, but will rely only on our cell phones, so he didn't have to hook up phone lines. We also aren’t getting cable TV, which means we won’t set up a television here at all. Hallelujah. All Bob had to do was hook up our internet service and the wiring was already here, so he just had to install the modem for high-speed access.

Of course, our wireless router is currently being used in the other house, so the only way I can get juice until we get another one is to connect a cable directly into the modem. No big deal, except that the modem is in a utility closet on the lower level, which is not connected to our upstairs apartment. I have to go outside, down the stairs and in through a different door. It’s not convenient, but it works-—or it should-—I haven’t tried it yet to be sure.

Note: I am sitting on the floor of the closet now, cable stretching from laptop to modem. It works, but the floor is a little dusty. I'd best get back upstairs before one of my kids gets up with a nightmare and can't find me.

Andy is on a quick overnighter trip for Young Life, so when he gets home tomorrow, maybe he will set us up with a new router and we will be completely back in business.

In the mean while, we were at the library again today and I ran across the four disc DVD set of…get this…season one of The Muppet Show. I grabbed it. The kids and I watched three of the twenty-four episodes on my laptop over the course of the day and evening, and we’re loving it. They’re hooked.

That there was some quality family programming--and nary a computer-generated special effect in sight. Remember The Muppet Show on prime time television?

“Why do we always come here?”

“I guess we’ll never know.”

“It’s like a kind of torture, to have to watch this show.”

Good stuff, Maynard.

After the cable guy had finished hooking up the modem, the kids and I went to Missoula to do a little shopping and finished up with dinner at Wheat Montana, where Nance’s twelve-year old son, Jesse, plays bluegrass every Tuesday night. The band he plays in, the Old Time Fiddlers, rocks. It’s a knee-slapping good time for all, young and old.

We don’t need no stinkin’ cable television.


alison said...

I found a Best of the Muppet show disc at our library a couple months ago and my kids were hooked. We have netflixed some more and we have enjoyed watching them together as a family. It's rare to find shows that transcend age, in the sense of youth and time.

alison said...

I guess it's an improvement that you actually have internet access in your own home, although the lady at the quilt shop might be missing you.

AmberJ said...

We found the Muppet shows on Netflix, too, a few years ago, and -- being the obsessive compulsive person that my husband is -- we rented all of them and watched nothing but for months.

He said to me just the other day, "I can't wait until Calvin can appreciate the Muppet show. I want to buy all of them!"