Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

ice cream

You know it’s been a particularly good day when all of these words can be listed in its summary.

Today was a great day. Note: I am writing this Tuesday, July 10; the date indicated above is simply the first chance I had to go to the library and post. Elli and I took the day off to just be together and do some of our favorite things. I suppose most of them are my favorite things, but my dear daughter is picking up on the same pleasures in life—my little Mini-Me.

When the guys left, I sat down to write and drink tea, as I mentioned before. So peaceful.

Once Elliana had awoken and we’d had breakfast, we decided to go exploring. Many months ago, we had noticed the letter “C” for Corvallis drawn out with stones on a steep hillside just outside of town, and we’ve been curious about it ever since, so today was the day. We packed up a little picnic and some water and set out to find a way up. We tried many roads up into the hills, all ending on someone’s private property until we finally found a forest service road that seemed to go on forever, up into the rugged terrain of the Sapphire Mountains. We never did find the path to the “C,” but we did find a lovely, lonely spot to spread out a blanket and eat our snacks.

After munching in relative silence, enjoying the stillness from our perch overlooking a postcard perfect view, we decided to leave the car there and hike for a bit. We walked for about an hour in the bright sunshine with a lovely breeze to cool us, finally stopping at an overlook spot where we could see both mountain ranges and much of the valley, tiny houses, barns and roads far below. Beautiful. The walk back down to the car was filled with excitement as Elli strove to catch grasshoppers, her favorite insect. The whole thing was a wonderful adventure for a mom and a seven year old to enjoy together, hand in hand.

Back in town, we sought the air-conditioned refuge of the local library, where Elli happily read books while I blogged. Wi-Fi is a beautiful thing, indeed. I posted the recap of the week that I’d written this morning and, on a whim, fleshed out some thoughts for a second post, appropriately named “More.” Blogging without the freedom to rethink, rework and edit is a little scary to me, but I suppose sometimes it is good to go with a first draft, raw and uncut, when it is something close to your heart like that one. It will stand as is.

While we were there at the library, a good friend from church, Jen, happened to come in to drop off some books. She stopped to chat for a few moments. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with her, so it was a wonderful surprise. Oh, and she knows where the trail to the “C” is, so we are going to make a moms-and-kids day of it when the weather returns to more bearable temperatures.

Leaving the library, we splurged on ice cream for the third time in as many days, then walked to a little park, again hand in hand, so Elli could play on a playground for a bit before we came home for dinner. When I finish typing here, we will probably go for our evening walk/ride again, as we have the last few nights.

The guys are somewhere in the Bitterroot Mountains, on a small lake south of Lake Como if you know the area, hopefully enjoying a dinner of freshly caught fish, after a long and sweaty day of hiking. I’m sure they will sleep well tonight.

After a long walk and a shower, so will I.


AmberJ said...

Your writing makes me want to move to the Big Sky country!

Eagle-eye Di said...

Its wonderful to have son/father,daughter/mom special time out togeather.I would love to see a few more pics from up in the mountain areas looking down.Enjoy your day when you go check out the C on the side of the mountain.Sounds like fun.