Friday, July 20, 2007

The Cake That Got Away

The kids and I created quite the masterpiece of a cake yesterday for Andy, but did the photographer remember to get a photo of it? No. I brought my camera along to the Homestead, where we consumed the cake, but I didn't ever take it out of the duffel bag. Oops.

For the record, this cake was the most professional-looking, tastiest cake that I've never baked. Yes, you read that correctly. I didn't bake the cake. I'm the biggest cheater there is, but still, the kids and I had a wonderful time putting it together.

Let me 'splain.

My recipe search had four basic requirements: something fast, relatively easy, and incredibly attractive and tasty.

The idea I found was perfect. We took a store-bought angel food cake and sliced it horizontally into three floppy discs. The frosting was a combination of whippng cream, butterscotch ice cream topping and vanilla. Each layer of frosting was encrusted with a generous sprinkling of crushed Heath toffee candy bar, then more crushed Heath bar covered the sides and most of the top, as well. Finally (and this is where I added my own touch, as I always feel compelled to do), we sliced fresh strawberries and stuck them to the sides of the cake along the bottom, like a crown, and filled the center hole of the cake with the remaining whole berries.

It was beautiful. Andy stared at it for a long time, muttering repeatedly, "You guys made this cake?" The kids beamed.

It was a fun and simple idea, and produced a light cake with just the right amount of richness balanced by the yummy berries--perfect for a hot summer day. Best of all, it didn't heat up the house with the use of a hot oven.

Dan the Cake Man, I am not.


Andy and I went out for a really nice dinner last night, thanks to his parents, who provided a gift certificate and babysitting overnight. There is a new Italian place nearby, Caffe Firenze, that is just spectacular. It has some of the finest, freshest, most creative and well-presented food I've ever had in my life--and right close by here in Florence, in our own little Bitterroot Valley. We sat on the patio under the shade of an umbrella and savored our meal ever-so-slowly over good conversation.

After we'd eaten our fill, we walked the bike path all the way down to the Florence bridge and sat by the river as the evening breeze cooled the air.

It was really a lovely evening.

Andy should have birthdays more often.


Dan said...

Let's be glad that there's only one of Dan the crazed cake man...the world's a better place because of it. And your cake sounds darn tasty, and way smarter--no heat in the middle of summer!

alison said...

I wish you had driven over some for my family to sample.

It sounds like you celebrated Andy well. Is he 37 or is he REALLY old?

Sherry C said...


REALLY old paul said...


Very bad girls.

Sheila said...

Ooh, that sounds good.
Now all I need is an excuse to go to the grocery . . . .