Monday, June 04, 2007

Still a Mess

The stomach ailment/nausea thing I mentioned Friday has settled into diarrhea which only seems to be worsening as the days go by. Now isn't that just exactly what you wanted to read when you came here today. Me neither.

Regarding my neck, my noted improvement in Friday's post was premature. It was just early in the morning yet and I'd had a decent night's sleep so I felt pretty good. It didn't last. My neck is improving, though. I have significantly more movement yesterday and today than I did all last week. I went to see a physical therapist this morning, and she felt that everything had mostly settled back into place where it belongs. Good news. She predicts I will still have some residual stiffness for a while yet because of the way the surrounding muscles have knotted up to help immobilize the injury site itself.

My bigger concern is for next week's trip to camp. The PT says I shouldn't be doing any high-impact activities for another three weeks, to let my neck recover. To ignore her advice, I set myself up for a much higher than normal likelihood of reinjuring it, perhaps worse this time. Young Life camp, however, is high-impact. This camp is all about water sports, water skiing, tubing, banana boats, zip-line--yeah, there's a little potential for impact there. Nice.

Elliana made it fifteen minutes into the school day today before calling me to come and get her because she felt like she was going to throw up. Half an hour later, in the car with me on the way to my PT appointment, she did. As she was getting ready for bed tonight, it happened again. Poor kid. She won't be going to school tomorrow and will be so sad when I break the news to her in the morning--tomorrow was the day her class was having fruit smoothies in the morning and then a class "beach party" in the afternoon. She may not see much of this last week of school. I might have to go clean out her desk myself.

Andy is out of town, delivering some long over-due furniture. Poor timing for a trip, but it had to be done. I'm anxious for his return, as always.

We board the bus on Saturday at 4:00 PM.



strider1971 said...

sounds like you've been through the ringer. will pray that things go well for you at camp. and pray that all your family is well and doing awesome

Sherry C said...


Andy's truck has broken down and must be towed to the nearest city. We've been through this before, unfortunately. Please pray for a trustworthy mechanic and a quick repair. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, We're so sorry for all your problems-check your e-mail for further comments. With regard to the diahhrea, I understand that plain yogurt is good for the tummy gremlins. Praying for you guys, Love, Mom C.

Sherry C said...


The truck was repaired successfully and the furniture has now been delivered. The customer was thrilled with the finished product--above and beyond what she was expecting, so that's all good. Andy is catching dinner and a bit of rest at my parents' house and will start the long drive back sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

In other news, Tano has begun to be nauseous, Elli felt great all day only to feel lousy again this evening, and I am feeling much, much better. I am feeling strong enough to get back to the massive task ahead of me, which is a very good thing.