Saturday, June 30, 2007


...and it feels so good.

Andy flew in yesterday afternoon. Such a happy reunion it was for all.

After a couple of hours of celebrating and swapping stories, we returned to the Homestead (the appointed name for the house, as opposed to the apartment, which has been nicknamed the Loft) and got back to work. It was so great to have him there to work with, as I was running pretty seriously low on energy, enthusiasm, encouragement, excitement, and an assortment of other 'e' words. His presence provided such a boost to all of us.

In other good news, we finally got our power hooked up in the Loft. The kids and I have been camping there all week. My son and I had to admit, though, that it did feel a little sad to walk in the door late last night and just flip on the lights, instead of reaching for our flashlights and going around to light the candles as we'd been doing the past four nights. We'd actually grown somewhat fond of that routine. And I guess I won't need to send the kids to walk a couple of blocks down Main St. to "The Merc" to buy a quart of milk to go with breakfast every day either. I think they will miss that, too, now that we have refrigeration and can buy a gallon at a time.

Andy's folks arrive today, which we are all looking forward to. Elli even brought her prettiest dress to change into when they arrive, as a special way to welcome them and celebrate.


Tom said...

Welcome Home, Andy!

Welcome Home, Mom & Dad!

CML_Shearings said...

Plans & changes march on. Do you need help? I've been waiting for the call. Today I will be helping Esther move back home. She has been stuggling in many areas, including finances. Oh, I have another Writer's Digest issue if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Glad you can make work and inconveniences fun! Just about ready for the mission field. Oops, you are already in one, a very important one at that!
Uncle Ed