Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A few weeks back, at the big Young Life yard sale, a friend and I were lamenting all the older computer monitors that people had donated to our sale. They are very hard to get rid of. When people buy a new computer, it comes with a new monitor, so there is very little demand for old ones. Most thrift stores will not accept them anymore, and if taken to the dump, you actually have to PAY to dispose of them.

We decided that they were kind of like zucchini in August. Don't leave your car doors unlocked in the church parking lot, or else you will find yourself the blessed recipient of a whole grocery sack full of them.

Another friend of ours showed up at the sale soon after that conversation, and our inner twelve-year-olds just begged to come out and play a prank on her. We carefully plotted out our plan of distraction and she engaged the victim in conversation while I stealthily carried a monitor to her vehicle and stashed it out of view on the floor of the backseat. This is not a simple task.

We stifled our giggles and wondered how long it would take to discover her little gift as our unsuspecting friend waved from her truck and drove off.

Tonight, the monitor was re-gifted, delivered to my front porch with more giggles. The top of the monitor had been expertly cut away and the machine gutted just perfectly, a lovely potted plant inserted inside.

How could I refuse such a gift?

Believe me, I tried.

Maybe this will be a trendy new product, showing up at Saturday street markets around the country. You never know.


AmberJ said...

Part of Scott's business is taking away computers for people who no longer need them. I usually come home at least once a week to a stack in our garage. Oddly enough, if I take the monitors they don't charge us, but if he does in his company truck then they do.

Maybe I should suggest the potted plant idea. It would be a great seller down at the farmer's market! :)

Anonymous said...

Potted Plant! Sounds like heaping coals of fire on one's enemy's head!
Uncle Ed