Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three Things Thursday

Three Things I Regret:

1. Allowing myself and my family to accumulate way too much pointless junk that now must be sorted, organized and boxed up.

2. Letting the laundry pile up on me again. I had worked the piles down to nothing and was keeping them under control for so long, but alas...

3. Wearing my new sandals to Corvallis today, forgetting that I'd go straight to my son's baseball game afterward. First, it was just breezy and cool; then the wind really kicked up a notch and finally, it began to rain buckets. The game continued. The other parents and I began looking at one another in consternation, wondering how long we would have to faithfully sit there in the squall, praying for lightning to cut across the sky so the game would come to an immediate close. The lightning didn't come. The coaches went ahead and finished the inning. Now two hours later, with a cup of tea, flannel pj's and a sweatshirt, thermal socks and a big black dog laying on me, my feet are still cold.


Eagle-eye Di said...

Oops,Lord willing you won't become sicker than a dog again.Kids definately need their encouraging and loving parents,family and friends there at the games.Bad weather is a given at some of the games.

Anonymous said...

If those are your biggest regrets, your life is a breeze! Enjoy, just be prepared!
Uncle ED

alison said...

Feeling you on 1 and 2. We've been having a heat wave so cold feet seems a distant memory