Saturday, May 26, 2007

Once an English Teacher, Always an English Teacher

Today my daughter and I are doing vocabulary while the guys are in woodshop.

The words of the day are generous and stingy. We spent a few moments reviewing their definitions until she was very clear on them, and then I gave her a practical application to use them.

I placed a trash can and a cardboard box in her bedroom. The trash can's purpose is self-evident. The box is to contain the items that she wants packed up to take to her very small bedroom in the Corvallis apartment. Now clearly there will be many things that don't fit into either category, but this will be a good start to emptying out the little pack rat's den.

As I walked out of her bedroom, I heard her muttering my instructions like a mantra to cement them into her memory:

"Generous with the trash, stingy with the box; generous with the trash, stingy with the box; generous with the trash..."


Anonymous said...

Was the lesson successful, regarding the trash thagt is?
Uncle Ed

scooter said...

Sheez, don't read someone's blog for a few months, and suddenly they're talking about moving?

I'm sure you heard my jaw drop all the way over in Montana when I read you were moving to an apartment in Corvallis... of course, my first thought was Corvallis, Oregon!! I had to spend a good ten minutes reading through your blog to find out there's more than one Corvallis in America (and got a little caught up on y'all, to boot!)

Trying to get back to writing... I've missed it, and I find myself composing blog entries in my head before I go to sleep. I figure the only way to get the z's I need is to start writing again. A short, lame attempt is up at my blog right now.

alison said...

Love it.

And now, because you weren't stingy with the clutter, your daughter will know generous and stingy for the rest of her life.