Wednesday, May 30, 2007

C is for Cookie

I love cookies.

If I could get all of my nutrition needs met through the consumption of cookies alone, I would be a very happy girl. I like them all, from the classic flavors of childhood to the more advanced, complex cookies that beg for a cup of coffee to accompany them.

I would wear the shirt pictured above. Or this one:

So, you can understand how upset I have been over the last few months, right? My old friend from the sixth grade, Dan (who probably doesn't remember me from then, but I'm claiming him as a friend anyway, if only a recently made one), has been hard at work developing the ultimate cookie for Mrs. Field's 30th Anniversary Cookie Contest. He has been dilligently documenting the process on his blog, batch after experimental batch. He has been force-feeding his cookie creations to everyone he knows, and many people he doesn't, and taking their feedback to heart. He has been enlisting others to bake batches of his cookies for him in their own kitchens, testing the accuracy and ease of his directions. So you can see why I'm upset, right?

Dan lives in Michigan.

It seems like everyone within five hundred miles of his home has sampled these cookies and given them rave reviews. I live just outside that five hundred mile mark, however and, selfish guy that he is, he hasn't yet offered to drive a batch out here to Montana. I'm offended.

I suppose I'm just going to have to break down and round up the ingredients to make them myself, if I can even find them in Montana, but we are so busy getting ready to move and go to camp and all that, that it will probably be July before I can get to them. Grrr...

Well, anyway, here is Dan's cookie, the Chocolate Mint Explosion:

Here is the recipe. This is what he says about the cookie:

...An anniversary cookie has to start with chocolate! But it needs something more: visual flair, and unique ingredients that cause it to stand apart from anything that's come before. Some addicting pastel mints made by Guittard do the trick. They add color, taste and texture, and a delectable crunch from the non-pareils that stud the bottom of the chips. The result? A deliciously bittersweet, intensely dark chocolate mint cookie, splashed with pastel color throughout, with a fudgy interior...

Now you can see why I am so upset, right?

The contest is closed to entries now, and the voting process is beginning. Although I haven't actually tasted the cookie myself, half of the western world has, and its fame is spreading like a frenzy of wildfire--or explosion...I guess. Thirty-five million people, all united in support of this cookie can't all be wrong, can they? I'm voting for Dan's cookie, as soon as the voting system is up and running. I'll post the link here when it is available so you can vote, too, if you want.

For now, just pop over to Dan's blog and send him hatemail for not driving a batch of his cookies over to your house.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate Mint Explosion! Sounds exotic! You got my vote all the way!
Uncle Ed

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear daughter!
Love you,

Dan said...

Hey there Sherry, thanks for the great post--I'm loving the cookie monster T shirt! That's essentially what I've been the past month or so, an absolute cookie fiend.

My category still hasn't shown up, and I'm sure there are many other frustrated people. I suspect it's gotta show up by tomorrow, or at least I'm hoping.

alison said...

I only got ONE sample.

As we are approaching bathing suit season, I guess I ought to be grateful...

The one I had was excellent.

alison said...

P.S. You would be so prolific when I'm off the blog for a week.

When is your move date?

Eagle-eye Di said...

Just the look of it alone puts on the weight.OOOOOOOOOOOh what a scrumptous looking cookie.I must have one?My Dan would kill for one if he could see what it looked like.He is bigggggggggg into chocolate.Of course being diabetic its not the best.

Sheila said...

Oh, YUM.