Friday, November 03, 2006

Three Things, uh...Friday

Three Things I Do to Cheer Myself Up

1. Grab a book and pull up a chair by the woodstove in the basement (on cold days) or sit in the swing in the yard (on warmer days) to read there

2. Go for a walk--even better if I bring my camera along, but not necessary

3. Make myself some good loose-leaf tea


Mister Ed T said...

Good way to go! Me? Watch a "Gaither Video," pray, phone a friend, take a "power nap (five min is usually enough)." Oops, that's 4 things!

Eagle-eye Di said...

All three are great ideas.Right now I am cuddled up with Karen Kingsbury's #4 book in the first born series.
Your rootbeer buddy has also gone big time into the speciality loose leaf teas.Him and I were out yesterday looking for a few more needed items to do our tea time up nice.I bought my first two canisters of loose leaf tea.He gave me back my 3 piece mug outfit for doing loose leaf tea and bought his own tall 3piece mug outfit.He likes the black tea,mountain grown if he can find it.English tea he has decided he doesn't care for.He is the loose tea man.I bought a tea kettle for the stove and am prepared for him and I to do the tea thing when he comes over now.It took him and I some looking to figure out where to find the speciality loose tea places it can be bought.I would also like to find my own speciality coffee that I can ear mark as my special coffee also.

alison said...

Hey I posted the rest of the story.

Leesa said...

This is a nice list :)
I always grab my camera.