Thursday, October 26, 2006

Three Things Thursday

Three Favorite Halloween Costumes I Have Made and Worn (tip o' my hat to Mrs. Fish.)

1. Smudge of White-Out
-all white from head to toe, including white mascara, lip stick and fingernail polish

2. Head on a Table
-frame thing that fit over my shoulders with long table cloth allowed me to sit at party and resemble a real table--people kept setting their drinks on me

3. Opera Diva
-heavy make-up and fake eyelashes, black robe over simulated heaving bosom and viking horns helmet over long, curly wig


Sheila said...

Oh, you're so fun! How come I wasn't in your life for any of these? What I would give to see you as an opera diva . . .

alison said...

Number 2 is the one that made me laugh out loud.

AmberJ said...

can we see pictures?