Saturday, October 07, 2006

Autumn Weather

Thursday afternoon, I stepped outside, into the brilliant sunshine, to find that it was raining in half of my yard. I called the kids out and they were able to walk across the yard, following the edge of the isolated rain cloud, one foot in and one foot out, until the rain cleared the edge of the property. So cool.

By dinner time, in fact the minute I had finished a teen's senior pictures photo shoot at the wildlife refuge, the rain showers came in earnest, complete with booming thunder and jagged lightning strikes all over the ominous sky. I do love a good storm.

As the kids were getting ready for bed, we lost our power for a couple of hours. The bedtime routine and kitchen clean-up was finished by candlelight. There is something so relaxing and peaceful about having the power out, flickering candle light casting a soft glow on everything. I always feel a little disappointed when all the bright lights suddenly come back on.


It's Saturday morning now. The boys are off fishing somewhere, while Elli and I lounge about, still in PJ's. The wind has suddenly picked up significantly. I am glad I got those senior pics done, as this wind will surely strip all the deciduous trees of their brightly colored leaves. We have only evergreens in our yard, so I'm only guessing. The wind is strong enough to shake the house and whistle loudly through the trees. I love to watch and listen from the comfort of my living room. I doubt the boys are so comfortable right about now.

The dogs are all riled up, chasing each other and wrestling around the yard, the wind picking up their ears and ruffling their fur. Little Fudge (who is actually eight months old now and weighs in at sixty pounds) has a favorite game, "Chase the Pine Cone." Basically, you kick a pine cone and he chases it. Then you kick another one and he changes course and chases that one. It can go on like this for hours. The wind is strong enough to blow pinecones around the yard right now. Fudge has abandoned his wrestling match with the big dog and is now chasing the phantom wind-propelled cones. It's his dream come true.

Oh, the wind has very suddenly stopped and it has started to rain, a drenching downpour. The poor fishermen. Perhaps I'd better have some hot cocoa ready to go. I expect they will abandon their post if this keeps up.


As soon as I finished that last paragraph, the rain stopped again. The dark clouds have blown on past, leaving a gorgeous blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds in its wake. The sun is making quick work of drying the ground again.

Mmmm...autumn. Isn't it delicious?


mrsfish said...

I love autumn. I can't believe I grew up completely not knowing this wonderful season. It does not exist in Southern California, not like this.

CML_Shearings said...

We were celebrating Sukkot with Beth Tephila at our house during the wind & rain & sun. The timing was perfect for us. The wind & rain that had lasted all during the Sukkot service stopped just before we went outside to set up the sukkah (temp. booth) in which to eat. The sunshine warmed us up comfortably as we ate a turkey dinner in the sukkah. Now I know you were enjoying Sukkot too! How were the guys? Did they catch anything? By the way are you free this coming Wednesday? The Hallelujah Hikers are planning to hike Lolo Peak & I wondered if you would like to join us.

strider1971 said...

sounds awesome. I love a good thunder storm. always have. by the way cousin I just posted a new post on my blog check it out it is worth the read.