Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm gathering outgrown winter clothes to take to a local charity. The boxes of new winter clothes I purchased on eBay this week will be arriving soon, and I need space for them. When I grabbed the old winter coats, it occured to me that I should check the pockets before putting them in the "to go" box. I'm glad I checked.

Tano's winter coat contained the following:

-two empty candy wrappers
-a Lego piece
-a tube of Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm
-a dime
-eight assorted rocks

Elli's coat held:

-one piece of bubblegum
-a small Tootsie Roll
-a striped peppermint
-a plastic Santa Claus ring
-a neatly folded childish drawing of two girls in dresses

Pockets full of childhood. Funny how the smallest things make me stop and get all senitmental. When it is all around me, I tend to not see any of it, but hide it away in the back of the closet for six months and then it stops me in my tracks.

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alison said...

Totally dig it.

Thanks for making this still life.