Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning

I have plenty to do today to keep me busy, but I thought I'd check in briefly.

The weather pattern has blown through, leaving us with gorgeous blue sky and crisp and clear snow-capped mountains. The mercury has barely climbed above freezing, though, and it is nearly nine o'clock in the morning. I just noticed my big dog licking the ice in the bird bath--better get them some fresh water. Summer is over and Autumn has arrived. It's official.


My eBay items are selling well this week. I may just get that new camera yet.


Elli is not feeling up to snuff this morning. She was very stuffy headed last night and is taking it easy on the couch this morning. She sat in my lap through church yesterday and again at a concert last night, also at church. I managed to escape Andy's cold coming home from our trip. Do you think I can escape this one, too? We shall see.


In other Elli news, she finally lost her first tooth Friday evening. Oh, the excitement! Her smile still catches me off guard every time I see it. She is so proud. Oh, and remember all that long hair? She has been begging us to let her get it cut shorter for a long time. It just gets so tangled when it isn't up. So, we have finally given in. Between the hair and the smile, she has a whole new look. I'll post a photo soon.


My mom arrives today for a week-long visit. It should be a really nice time, but I hope Elli isn't too sick to enjoy it. I also hope mom thought to bring some warm clothes. I forgot to give her advance warning.


The ministry opportunity in Corvallis is rocking and rolling. I am meeting excitement and open doors everywhere I go. The old pizza place looks great, the school is thrilled to have us across the street, the owner of a take and bake pizza place in the next town is happy to provide us with pizzas at cost--it's just all good.

Our grand opening is this Friday night, when we will have an open house with free pizza and brownies after the Homecoming football game. We are hoping the parents, teachers and administrators and other community folk will come by to meet us and decide this is a safe, healthy place for the town's teens to be. We are also having a student leadership retreat in Corvallis this weekend, bringing our North End kids down to help with the open house and officially kick-off ministry in the south end of the valley.

God has been doing some amazing things both in the community of Corvallis, and also in my own heart. I am finding myself so in love with this town and its residents. I just want to be down there every chance I can get--to just hang out in our building by myself and dream and pray, and to watch the students walking around the campus. Which ones will be Young Life kids? I wonder. Which ones will be transformed by the love of Jesus? Which ones will I know so well a year from now? No doubt someone will joke, "Oh yeah, I remember how I met Sherry; she came into the school office smiling and raving about Young Life, which we'd never heard of. We thought she was crazy, but she seemed excited, at least." It's just funny how much I desire to be down there. I'm going to have to get a more fuel efficient vehicle.

I think I'm probably going to get on the sub list for the school, too. I don't think I'd want to sub more than one day a week, but it would be a great way to connect with the school and the students. I certainly wouldn't do it for the money. You can make more in Montana working at Taco Bell than you can as a substitute teacher. Sad.


I guess that's all for now. It may be a slow week for me on the blog, as I have a lot going on. Be well, all.


Mister Ed T said...

Exciting indeed. Will try to keep you and this venture in my prayers.

Eagle-eye Di said...

I enjoyed reading your post Sherry.I can just feel the excitement in your words.Its wonderful what you and Andy have decided to do.Your in our prayers also.Love ya Sherry,Andy,Tano and Ellie.