Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've seen her jams and jellies in the specialty section of the grocery store before. They are attractively packaged and have such tantalizing names. So many varieties!

So when April Erskine herself was sampling several of them at the grocery store last week, I stopped to taste test, chat and pay her my genuine compliments. She was very personable and we made easy conversation, as easy as two complete strangers can make. She called herself the ADD Jam Maker, always jumping from one new flavor idea to the next, never knowing when to stop. I laughed. And although it was expensive, I found myself putting a jar into my cart before I walked away.

This morning, I figured a little something special was in order, since my son and myself were extra tired from being up too late. Hearty whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and April's Caramel Apple Butter.

What a hit those were. We could eat them every day of the week.

Actually, I could probably just sit down with the jar of caramel apple butter and a spoon and be just fine.

Good stuff.

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alison said...

It is kind of bad manners to entice people with mention of food to which they have no access.

I don't even have access to my own kitchen, let alone yours.

Mean .