Sunday, July 09, 2006


The garage sale went well, bringing in almost as much money as last year, even though we didn't have as much big stuff this time. We do these sales as donation only, no price tags; people know they are supporting kids who can't afford to go to summer camp and they give what they want for the treasures they find. We have found this kind of sale to be much easier, as well as much more profitable than the traditional tag sale. People tend to be very generous. It's fun to see.

But after a full day of set-up on Thursday, followed by painting huge signs late into the night and getting up early Friday morning to set up, then a long day of garage saling, an evening of Young Life kids hanging out at our house for a camp fire, another late night/early morning, another long day working the sale broken up by Andy and I leaving for part of the afternoon to do a seminar at our church's "How to Teach Kids" day, then more garage sale, then clean-up Saturday night, we were tired.

When the clean-up was mostly finished Saturday night, we stumbled into Fireside Pizza and numbly ordered pizza and a pitcher of soda. The kids literally put their heads down on the table to rest as we waited for the food to come. We looked like zombies, I'm sure. Slightly sunburned zombies who badly needed to bathe. One pizza, four sodas and four baths/showers later, we all collapsed into our respective beds.

We were looking forward to our day of rest.

So after church today, we munched on some leftover pizza, then put the rest of it, along with some apples and water bottles into a cooler, put on swimsuits and sunblock and headed down to the river. We met my friend, Nancy, and her youngest daughter there, tossed inner tubes into the cool, refreshing water, hopped into them, and floated.

And floated.

We floated for four and a half hours, long enough to go from the Stevensville bridge to the Florence bridge, with one stop on an island mid-way to reapply sunblock on the kids.

I cannot think of a better way to spend the Sabbath (let's not do the Saturday/Sunday debate here--a day of rest is a day of rest), as I really can't imagine anything more restful. We all laughed and chatted. Nancy and I sang and quoted poetry. We imagined aloud that we were explorers seeing the land for the first time. We imagined what tubing would be like in heaven--of course it must exist there. We munched apples and cold pizza from the cooler that floated along behind my tube. The kids slid out of their tubes and floated downstream in their life jackets. The hot sun beat down on us from above and the swirling river cooled us from below. The deep blue sky was dotted here and there with small, white clouds. The clear water, the sandy banks, the rocky islands, the pine trees, the cottonwoods and aspens, the was marvelous.

We could do this every Sunday afternoon, easily. This is the best free entertainment I've ever found.

Now, we have most of a week to recover from the past week's busyness and catch up a little before our next set of company arrives next weekend and we move into the next round of summer camps.

Andy is almost finished reading a chapter of the current bedtime book to the kids right now. Within minutes, we will all fall into bed, feeling both tired and rested at the same time. I'm thinking we will sleep well tonight.


Nancy is trying to convince me to tube the river again tomorrow. It would be just us women and we would do a much shorter run, an hour or even less, under the light of the full moon--which means we couldn't get on the water until at least ten o'clock.

Sounds chilly, I say.

Once in a lifetime, she says, with a twinkle in her eye.

She's thirteen years my senior, for goodness sake. Shouldn't she be the sensible voice of reason here?

It would be memorable, no doubt, and shared memories of crazy adventures do go a long way toward deepening fledgling friendships...

We'll see. I'll think about it more after a full night's sleep.


Jeannie said...

Sounds like lots of fun and lots of work! (Good thing you got a chance to have lots of fun after all that work!) See ya in less than 2 weeks!

Sheila said...

Oooh yes, do that! And aren't you the girl that went into the ocean with me, fully clothed, one evening back in 1991? (or 1990?) Yes, I'm fairly certain that was you. Go tubing at night. Sounds like a blast.

How do you get to your car when you are done? (I'm all about the details these days)

Sherry C said...

Yes, I suppose that crazy girl was me, wasn't it? Is she still me, or rather, am I still her? That is the question.

Re: details
Yes, floating a river, whether it is by tube, canoe, kayak or raft, does require a bit of logistical planning. You have to either plant a car at your end-point, or arrange to have a third party come pick you up. It's worth the advance planning required, definitely.

Sheila said...

Cool. I love the bit about the cooler floating beside you. That's excellent.

And yes, I think you are still her.