Wednesday, July 12, 2006

International Choral Festival

This invitational festival draws choral groups from all around the world to Missoula every three years. Nancy had told me that I must take the kids to see as much of it as possible, as it is, in her words, the "crowning jewel of Missoula." So far, Nancy is my only arts and culture friend here, so her recommendation goes a long way.

Having only lived here two years, I had not even heard of it before, but indeed, it is a pretty big deal. The kids and I went to two venues today, both preview concerts for the main events happening all over town between Thursday and Saturday.

We saw choirs from Wales, South Korea, Estonia, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, two from the U.S. and two from Ausralia. All were excellent, some (notably the adult groups from Taiwan and South Korea, and the children's choir from Lawrence, Kansas) were outstanding.

I hope to catch more of this event over the next couple of days, if I can squeeze a few more hours out of the clock.

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