Saturday, June 03, 2006

Six Birthdays in Three Days

Thanks, all, for your birthday greetings. Fortunately, my mouth was feeling much better the day after the dentist visit, which was the actual big day. Never fear, I was able to enjoy my cookies.

Andy got up early and made us pancakes--rare on a school day. Cool. I spent the morning getting a few errands done, including getting the t-shirts finalized and ready to print. More on that topic another day.

Once Elli was off to kindergarten, I decided to hold my own personal birthday celebration. I grabbed sunglasses, a book, snacks and a beverage, and moved out to the swing in the yard to pass much of the afternoon in the sunshine. So nice.

When the kids got home, we loaded everyone into the car and headed into Missoula. We ran a bunch of errands, stuffed ourselves silly at a Mexican restaurant, and then split up by gender. The boys went to run a few more errands, while the girls went Good Will Hunting--that is, hunting for cool vintage clothes at Goodwill. I'm just not a shop-at-the-mall kind of a girl. I'm training up my child in the way that she should go. And yes, our hunting expedition was successful. Five cool "new" shirts for fifteen dollars.

It was a simple and quiet, but very nice birthday.

While we were out, we ran into three other people celebrating birthdays the same day as mine, a friend's daughter we saw at the store, a woman at the table next to ours at the restaurant, and a woman I stood in line with at a cash register. Crazy.

Thursday was my friend April's birthday. She came over and we took the gang of kids to the park. Nice. April is becoming a good friend. The more we get together, the more casual our conversation becomes, and the more comfortable laughter is exchanged. It goes down easily, like a cold glass of lemonade at the end of a dry, dusty afternoon.

I spent that whole afternoon helping in my son's class at school. They were working on a huge, end of the year project, and I was glad I could be there to help. It just couldn't have been completed without two adults on the job. I am glad that my son still likes me to help in his classroom. He's not too cool for that sort of thing yet and greets me with a hug whenever I come into the room. It's fun to know the other kids in the class, too. "Hey, look! Tano's mom is here! Hi, Tano's Mom!" They all seem to soak up a mom's arm around their shoulders, and it seems that any mom will do.

Friday, we celebrated Connie's birthday, another friend. She wanted to do something really fun to prove to herself that turning thirty wasn't the end of her youth.

I assured her it wasn't.

We had originally thought we would go white water rafting, but the rivers are running dangerously high right now, plus several of her friends and sisters-in-law are pregnant and wouldn't want to go.

Instead, we got up early, loaded up her Suburban with six women and one newborn who couldn't be without Mama yet, and drove three and a half hours to an amusement park in Idaho called Silverwood. The sky was blue and the temperature hot, and most of us rode the roller coasters and thrill rides, then all of us got soaked on the rafting ride.

Within minutes of getting off the water ride, the blue sky turned to dark gray, the wind picked up, and it began to rain. Hard. We put on all the dry clothes we could come up with, but still shivered much of the rest of the day. We hid out in the coffee shop for a while and attended the campy (but indoor) magic show, but mostly continued to walk the park and ride the rides in the rain. By the time we left the park and went to a restaurant for a late dinner, we looked like an exhausted pack of drowned rats. We made it home by 2:30 this morning.

It was somewhat of a miserable day, but we still managed to laugh a lot. That is the stuff memories are made of, and shared memories are a great foundation for friendships. I've been in Montana two years. It's about time I start to feel like I am establishing some real friendships.

Friendship is good.


Jeannie said...

It sounds like lots of birthdays and lots of friendship has all added up to lots of fun for you!
(Glad to hear it's all falling into place nicely for you.)

strider1971 said...

sounds like you were having fun. don't know if I would have rode the rides in the rain. that is crazy.

AmberJ said...

Roller coaster rides in the rain are the best! Especially when shared with friends.
Your idea of a birthday celebration sounds perfect (book, beverage, snacks, sun...what could be better?)!

Eagle-eye Di said...

It sounds like lots of fun was had celebrating lots of birthdays.It is good to develop good friendship ties.The time at the park sounds like you all we're pretty chilled by the end of the day.You can be thankful you didn't end up sick.