Saturday, May 27, 2006

Third Grade Poet

Nathaniel, my nine year old, and I cleaned out his backpack last night. He tends to stuff things in there and never take anything out, so occasionally, we must dump the whole thing and sift for things worth keeping.

I found a file folder containing all the work from his poetry unit at school. Oh, this folder is worth keeping, for certain. I thought you might enjoy a few highlights:

About Me

I am as fast as a rolling thunder head.

I am as sleek as a rose hip.

My imagination soars like a hawk.

I'm as coo-coo as a monkey.


Silver rides in the clouds, shining in the sky.

Silver lives on Elvis' shirt.

Silver's dad is Gold.

Silver's dad rides on a king's crown.

Silver's mom is Emerald.

Silver's mom rides on a leaf floating in the wind.

Their house is made of brass.

Ode to Wantok

Oh, Wantok, your fur was as gold as polished gold. But behind the cute little lips were razor sharp, man-eating teeth. She died a very painful death, getting zapped too many times by an electric collar. And you died happily ever after!

Editor's Note:
Wantok was a quiet, gentle golden cocker spaniel who had to be put down when the poet was in kindergarten, due to multiple old-age related maladies.


In inside-out town, people bounce to school on their captain's quarters, and go home on their hands.

People's houses are upside-down.

Dogs eat ice cream and people eat dog chow.

Plants breathe oxygen and people breathe carbon-dioxide.

Animals wear clothes and people, well...

Editor's Note:
"Captain's Quarters" is family slang for can, keester, rear, etc.



Nasty Jumping Caribou

Noisy Jackrabbit Cap'n

Valentine's Poem

To Elliana

Shall I compare thee with a land slide?

You are more death-defying and crazy.


alison said...

All so good.

Love "Captain's Quarters" Really want to hear the story behind that one.

Love the ode to Elli, from what I hear it sounds like he captured her.

Good stuff.

AmberJ said...

I love every single one -- looks like it runs in the family! What joy!!!

The last one cracked me up. Oh brothers!

Ruth C said...

I'm dying of laughter here! That boy is so stinkin creative.

And he got Elli perfectly!

Sheila said...

Yes, the last one is genius. What a kid. Doncha just love having a son???

Mister Ed T said...

Poetic genius indeed!
Keep them coming.

Sherry C said...

"Captain's Quarters"

This is not entirely our invention. We were reading a wonderful high seas pirate adventure story called Peter and the Starcatchers, and in one particular fight scene, the bad guy pirate knocked the good guy captain "on his captain's quarters."

My son erupted into a huge belly laugh and the term stuck.

Anonymous said...

Tano, I love your writings-keep up the good work; looks like you have your mom's gift with words and expression!
Sherry, Congrats on faithful blogging; it's a real treat to "see" your heart and to keep up with your precious family, etc.
Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love, Mom C.