Monday, May 22, 2006

Hand and Foot

No, she doesn't have the disease, but my daughter's one hand and one foot have taken quite a beating in the last week.

First, the hand. Elliana managed to slam her own finger in the front door last weekend. We heard the first scream and waited to see if there would be another. Knowing that she is a very dramatic child, we paused just for a second, but upon hearing the second, we jumped into action. Her finger was actually closed in the heavy front door and wasn't freed until we opened the door to see what was going on.


That fingernail is toast. It is a dead-looking bluish color, with purple blotches. Yep, it's a goner. Fortunately, it doesn't bother her much unless you push on it, and she can bend the finger just fine. No serious damage.

Last night, it was the foot. She was jumping on a trampoline while we were having a meeting at a friend's house and found the one bad spot where the edge is not covered properly. She caught a bolt with the bottom of her foot and cut it pretty deeply.

More screaming. Double ouch.

There was some blood. I think that scared her more than the pain.

Being Sunday night, there were no close options for treatment, so Andy took her into Missoula at 8:30. The E.R. was busy, and they didn't get back home until 11:30. Amazingly, the doctor didn't give her any stitches. He said he could go either way, but since much of the cut was more of an interior puncture wound, and scarring was not a big deal on the bottom of the foot, he was fine with just cleaning it and dressing it and sending her home. She was fine with that also.

Today, she gets to lie on the couch and read and watch movies all day. Perhaps tomorrow, too. I'm a little worried about this period of inactivity. We are dealing with a very active child here. Basically, the only time her mouth slows down is when her legs are moving at full speed. If she can't run around...yikes. Andy suggested letting her play with a tape recorder, so she could talk and listen to herself and talk some more. It's not a bad idea. I wonder if we even own such a contraption anymore.

It is now 8:45 AM and she isn't up yet after her late night of excitement. Tano is off to school, and Andy just left for his office, so for now the house is quiet. I will savor this moment.

Good day, all.


CML_Shearings said...

My, oh, my, Sherry! There is never a lack of excitement at your home. Give Eli a hug for me.
Ron is seeing much better today and may go home tomorrow. He is through with two of his three eye medications & doesn't have to wear the eye guard at night anymore. He loves the hanging basket you brought him earlier. He brought it to our home with him & has been watering it faithfully.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elli,
DOUBLE OUCH!! We're so-o-o sorry you've hurt yourself so painfully. We hope you heal quickly and are a "patient" patient. Co-incidentally, we just sent something in the mail for you that will help to occupy the time while you're off your feet. There's lots of love in there also, so be sure to find it. :-) Can you make up some new songs for us? We love you sweetheart......Gr'pa Tom & Gr'ma Judy

Mister Ed T said...

Double ouch is right! Glad she will survive to do something (hbopefully not as) worse. I know you will continue to love her to pieces.

alison said...

That hurt just reading about it. Tell Brave Elli (programming, programming) that all of us in Michigan think she has a lot of courage.

I wonder if her nail will be grown back by the time we see her.

AmberJ said...

I am nauseous just reading it (good thing I didn't go into nursing!)

Feel better soon, kiddo!

Ruth C said...

Poor sweet, active, talkative Elli. Poor brave, enduring, loving mama.

strider1971 said...

sounds like you've had loads of fun. lol. anyway hope she gets better. and you and the kids come in August to visit. the 23rd. will be fine. mom says it would be fine. calll me soon and let's talk about it some more.