Sunday, April 16, 2006


When I tucked my son into bed last night, he asked if we could go jogging in the morning. This seemed totally out of the blue, as we have not been in the habit of jogging in the mornings.

"Jogging? No, I don't think so. Tomorrow is Easter and we are doing a nice breakfast with your grandma and grandpa and then going to church. I don't think we will have time tomorrow morning for jogging."

"But, Mom, remember our tradition? It's Easter morning. We're supposed to go jogging."

I'd completely forgotten.

A couple of years ago, the boy got on a jogging kick, and he and I got up early to run before school most every day of the week for quite a while. I am not a runner AT ALL, so this was a real stretch for me, but I figured I could keep up with a seven year old and perhaps we would build up our stamina together. We both enjoyed it immensely and I've forgotten why we stopped.

When Easter morning came that year, we talked as we jogged about the morning when Jesus rose from the dead. The women went to the tomb, found it empty, ran back to tell the disciples; then Peter and John ran to the tomb themselves to confirm the news and ran back to spread the word. There was quite a bit of running that morning. We supposed it would be fun to pretend we were them and imagine that our morning jog was really a trip to the empty tomb and a joyful return. It really gave a fresh reality to Easter morning for both of us, and we came bursting in the house, breathlessly proclaiming the news to the rest of the still sleepy family that Jesus had risen.

I guess we must have done it last year as well, although it doesn't stand out in my memory as well. Tano remembered. It would mean less sleep, but how could I say no? Andy, still favoring his recently broken ankle, volunteered for breakfast prep and I set out clothes for the kids to pull on quickly in the morning. We would go jogging.

The boy was up at 5:30, getting dressed by flashlight and trying to wake up his sister to do the same. My alarm wouldn't go off for two more hours, so we made him go back to bed and wait. When it finally came time to get up, Elli backed out in favor of more sleep, so Tano and I set out into the chilly morning air.

We jogged down to the highway, crossed it, ran through a neighborhood and down the path to the river. There, we watched the geese and ducks in the swirling high water, talked about the river, the resurrection and life for while, and then jogged back home.

Again, we entered the house refreshed and renewed, glowing and out of breath, but ready to worship a living savior.

I think this is the best Easter tradition ever.


Jeannie said...

Nice. How pleasant and refreshing that must have been for the two of you, and what a great way to begin yet another Easter Sunday! I wonder how many more Easter Sundays till He returns.

Scott said...

Too cool, Sherry.

CML_Shearings said...

Your originality and creativity are really inspirational!

Eagle-eye Di said...

It sounds like you and Tano had quite a neat mother,son jogg time to the river and back.So what was for breakfast when you got back? Did Andy do the dishes or Ellie maybe?Easter morning we went up to Sparta Baptist Church to Annette and Earl's.We we're going to go out to eat to Fire Mountain and then finish off with celebrating Emma's 2nd year birthday.Before we left we sat and watched the cronicles of Narnia with them.They had taken the girls to see it at the movies,and Dan and Bryan had seen it togeather at the movies.Chuck and I on the other hand had not seen it yet.I enjoyed it until the battle times began.I have a hard time watching the killings especially watching the lion get killed.Of course I looked away at the right moment.I was happy to see the Lion come back to life.Annette bought the girls the movie for their special easter gift along with their dresses and candy.Happy Easter to all of you we love ya.