Thursday, April 06, 2006

Three Things Thursday

Dog Tricks

1. My big dog, Drake, loves to fetch. He will fetch anything you throw or kick, for as long as you are willing to play. His favorite is the frisbee. If he fails to catch it, he simply brings it back and begs to try again. But if he manages to leap up and pull it out of the sky successfully, he tosses his head in arrogance and carries the disc around the yard in a sort of victory lap before returning it.

2. When I was a teenager, I had a dog who loved the playground equpment at the local park. She would hop aboard a slowly spinning merry-go-round and walk opposite the motion, seeming to enjoy the novelty of staying in one place. It was her own personal treadmill. She loved the slide even more though. She would climb the steep ladder, hesitate at the top to make sure everyone was watching, then slide/run/slide down the shiny metal slide. If anyone cheered for her, she would run around to the ladder and do it again. And again.

3. I knew a woman in Papua New Guinea, who was from the Deep South and had a dog named Aubbie, for Auburn University. "Aubbie," she'd drawl slowly, "would you rather be a Yankee, or day-ed?" That's 'dead' for those of us not from the South. Upon hearing this question, Aubbie would fall to the floor, throw all four paws up in the air, and moan. Seriously.


Sheila said...

Good topic! I love the southern dog trick - that's great.

AmberJ said...

My Jake loves to play fetch -- except we could take out stock in tennis balls with all the ones he goes to get, loses them or forgets what he is doing.

My dog has ADD

Carol-Ann said...

Hi Sherry,
I just clicked in to see if there was any indication that your Mom is there safely and enjoying herself! I'll take it that no news is good news!

I have a wonderful little doggie clip that I know your kids would love to see ... I think I have an archived email address for you somewhere ... I'll look it up and send it to you if I find one. Kinza and I crack ribs over it and this post reminded me of it.

mrsfish said...

I remember your dog and the slide :) I can't remember her name though, I do remember her golden coat.