Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Of Princesses and Ponies

Before going to bed last night, my daughter announced that since she would be turning six the next day, she would need to get all her wiggles out.

I looked up hopefully. "You won't have any more wiggles once you turn six?" I asked.

"Well, I won't have any more five year old wiggles; that's for sure."

Then she added, "Oh, and I won't need to use children's toothpaste anymore."

Sure enough, this morning, the kids' Crest went untouched.

With much fanfare, Elliana ate her first breakfast this morning as a six year old , opened a couple of presents, then hurried to get dressed in her best princess attire. The six year old social event of the season awaited.

We loaded numerous grandparents and five regally attired little girls into cars and set out for the carousel in Missoula. The five little girls marched single-file through the park to the party room at the carousel in their matching princess party hats, waving matching scepters (which doubled as magic wands, of course). It reminded me vaguely of a scene from Madeline.

After loading them up on sugar, we turned the royal court loose on the carousel with a steady supply of tokens. Around and around they flew, taking turns riding the most elegantly clad steeds. The grandparents didn't have to be asked twice to join in the fun. Only a few strands of silver hair separated them from the actual children. The organ pumped out lively, nostalgic tunes while the horses trotted briskly in time to the music. Young and old alike bravely strained to snatch rings from the mouth of a fierce dragon, but they were usually just out of reach. You've never seen so many big smiles. It was a great morning.

After the party and an afternoon of kindergarten, Princess Elliana floated into the house on a cloud. Her eyes were dreamy. Her face glowed. Her pants appeared a little shorter.

"Mom," she said, with a faraway look in her eyes, "I was looking around my classroom and at the playground at recess today, and it all looked a little smaller to me, like I have grown today or something."

Then her eyes sparkled with laughter; she giggled and ran off to play with her new birthday toys.

Happy birthday, my sweet Elle. Mama loves you.


Sheila said...

How fun! Happy Birthday, Ellie! (p.s. you look bigger to me, too.)

Ruth C said...

Eliana Grace.
Beautiful face.
Can't stand in one place,
Until now.

Beautiful curls.
So much love for this world
God made.

Not quite Jelly Belly.
But just as sweat as
those beans.

Princess Eliana.
Ruler benevolent sana*
She graces her subjects
with joy.

*sana means "very, much, or a lot" in Swhali.

Ruth C said...

Allow me one more stanza!

Eliana Chidwick.
Master of the alluring hair-flick.
A very big girl of six
years old!

AmberJ said...

Happy Birthday! You make a beautiful princess.

(And Sherry, where did you find that cake! That was awesome!)

Megan said...

What a wonderful day. Happy Birthday kiddo!

Juliabohemian said...

Children's toothpaste is disgusting. Remember when they came out with the pump that was supposed to be less messy? It wasn't.

Your daughter sounds like a 40 year old trapped in a 6 year old's body.

Sherry C said...


Where did I find that cake?

Andy and I MADE that cake; thank-you very much.

scooter said...

Oh, Sherry, that's so wonderful. Only your child could come up with something so downright cool to say like that. I mean, that should be in a book or something. Just wonderful. Tell her happy birthday from the Rainey clan.

jaymarie said...

yeah ellie!

what a rockin' party. looks like a fine time indeed.

(wonderful photos!)

Ruth C said...

my apology: I typed faster than I thought, and totally mis-spelled Elli's name. Sorry, Elli. Sorry, Sherry. Would you believe I awoke from a dead sleep with that realization?! Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

The cake was one of your best ones yet, BTW! What options will you have by the time these kids hit their teens since you outdo yourself every year?!

Eagle-eye Di said...

Happy Birthday Elliana from Aunt Dianne and Uncle Chuck.