Friday, April 07, 2006

New Math?

Under what circumstances can the following equation be true?

10 + 6 = 4

Think outside the box and then post your answers. I will post mine later today.


Troy said...

Well, if the six is negative but I don't see that in the equation. Or if the first half of the equation is under a radical: 4 is the square of 16.

That's all the math I know.


AmberJ said...

Ten people attempting to leave on time for church + 6 cows in the road=4 minutes late.

Am I close?

Juliabohemian said...

10 plus 6 pieces of pizza equals four pizzas! If they were cut into four slices each.

Carol-Ann said...

10a.m. +6hrs = 4p.m.

jaymarie said...


(just catching up here. your pup is a doll!!)

Tom said...

Your (soon to be) 6-year old is the 4th member of your family. Where the 10 fits in, I am not knowing. Perhaps you came up with the beautiful name Elliana Grace when you were 10 years old???

Sherry C said...

Carol-Ann is the winner for the closest guess, although not quite right.

I am happy to report that the pup and I each went to bed (in our respective beds) at 10 PM last night and he didn't wake up for six whole hours, not making a peep until 4 AM! Oh, so happy. 10 PM plus six hours of blissful sleep equals not getting up until 4 AM--and then he went back down for another two plus hours!

So, C-A is the official winner, but I must give creativity points to Amber and Julia. Way to think outside the box, ladies!

C-A "LuckyThief" said...

A hush falls upon the crowd. The Artist stretches out her hand to receive the slender white envelope from her attendant. Hardly audible at first, but rumbling steadily forward to a thunderous introduction, a drum-roll announces the moment has arrived. With a sudden snap of his wrist, the drummer STOPS ... and at that moment, while the crowd gasps in horror, a figure dashes from within the layers of the stage curtain. Clad in black with the eerie caricaturlessness of a stocking-flattened face, she? he? flies across the stage, snatches the envelope from the hand of the stunned Artist and disappears between the thick folds of fabric on the other side.

Cries of "After her" and "Close the gates" and "Call the police" fill the auditorium as the silence of the startled crowd is replaced by panic and shrieks!

But the Artist raises her hand for silence and explains patiently to the disappointed crowd that she had recognized the Lucky Thief -- the winner had simply, unceremoniously, run away with her own prize!

The next morning, the reporters did catch up with the disruptive blog-guest. It seems that, stopping by this bloggie in search of news about the Artist's guests, "C-A" was snaggled by a riddle! Being in the midst of blog-world visits, at that moment, her mind was full of 6-hour time difference conversions between her province and the location of her blogger-buddies in the UK. If it was 10 hours here, +6 hours time-diff, it would obviously be 4 hours there! ta-ta-ta-da!

Sheila said...

OK, new math scares me.

Eagle-eye Di said...

The way I read it is to put the equal by the ten with the six and four having the plus sign.Of course it is dead wrong though.I never did that well in math.I like amberj's response.