Thursday, April 27, 2006

But I Did Not Toot the Deputy

In planning how to prepare my student for the social studies exam, I have decided on a list of terms that I feel she needs to be very familiar with. Showing Andy the list, he playfully questioned the word tariff.

"Tariff? Isn't that the guy with the uniform and the badge?"

We both laughed and broke into a spontaneous Reggae sing-along.

I tot the tariff...


Sheila said...

You two are so cute together!

alison said...

Well, I've been shooting the sheriff the last 24 hours, thank you very much.

Sherry C said...

Oh, sweet reward.

I decided to post this little song with the intention of seeing if I could get it stuck into any of my readers' heads--as I knew it would be stuck in mine.

Sorry, Alison.

jaymarie said...

alison -
did i ever say i love you.

hey, i think i love you, so what am i so afraid of?