Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yes, We Are Alive

Please forgive me for not posting. I have been a little busy.

The new pup is doing well, sleeping most of the night with only two potty trips usually--one for me and one for Andy, now that he is off his crutches. His little internal clock still needs fine tuning, as he is crashing hard by about six or seven o'clock in the evening and then is ready to wake up and play at four or five in the morning. Yes, I am doing my best to keep him occupied and awake, but if I turn my back for a second, he collapses and falls fast asleep. I am still taking him for very strenuous walks at about ten o'clock each night (in fact, I need to go do that soon--must finish typing). He is a great puppy, overall though, and we are really enjoying him. He and Drake have become fast friends.

Andy's parents arrived yesterday for a nice, long visit. They will be here at least a couple of weeks. The kids couldn't be more thrilled. I am pretty excited, too.

Showing Mom C. around today gave me an excuse to make a trip to my favorite little bakery in Hamilton, half an hour down the valley. And would you believe I didn't opt for my standard cinammon roll this time?

Get this--huckleberry cinammon rolls.

Oh, yes.

Little wild huckleberries folded into the batter and generously encrusted into the icing on top. Warmed up to just the right temperature. I don't know if I will ever find a more satisfying source of thick and heavy carbs. I am a fan of the carbs in general, but this little item (which BTW took me twenty minutes to eat and left me feeling pleasantly full for five hours) takes the cake, you might say.

Oh, and don't forget all the antioxidants found in blueberries! They are off the charts, you know. I think I was actually doing my body a favor.

For any of you thinking that you might like to try a visit to Montana someday, let me tempt you with this--not the gorgeous mountians, nor the sparkling rivers, nor the peaceful serenity or even the promise of a long visit with yours truly--no, let me tempt you rather with a visit to my little bakery down the valley.

Everyone, at least once in their lifetime, should face the agony of having to choose which item to order from among the many delectable choices in their glass display cases.

Lucky me. I live here and thus get to go more than once in a lifetme.

In other news, my student takes the science portion of her GED exam this Friday. On practice tests so far, she is wavering dangerously close to the pass/fail line, but I can't seem to motivate her to take this one more seriously. We'll see how she does at crunch time.

Oh, and next week my mom is coming too, to add more merriment to our lives. My kids may just burst with happiness.

Baseball practice starts tomorrow. Tano has a new glove and easily talked Grandpa into playing catch with him today after school.

I keep losing Elli. This is generally not easy to do because her constant singing usually gives her location away, but upon noticing that she's strangely quiet and going in search of her, I've invaraibly been finding her sitting on the floor somewhere, silently devouring a book. That's my girl.

That's all for now. It may be a few days before I post again, as I am enjoying all the busyness right now.

Time for a flashlight, a coat and mittens--the dogs need to be walked.


Jeannie said...

I remember this place! And, next week we most certainly must make it a priority! I can almost taste that wonderfully satisfying hunk of nourishment!
Also, glad to hear my grandpuppy is adjusting well to his new home! (Can't wait to meet him!)

AmberJ said...

Sounds fun! -- and good! Is there any way to send some of that carb-goodness my way? I mean you go into delectible detail of the afore mentioned cinnamon roll and now...

alison said...

That was mean, you Baked Good Tease.

MisterEdT said...

Ah! Huckelberry country! Those cinnimon buns have my mouth wattering all ready. Save one for me!

alison said...

Um Lady, the grandparents are there so that you can devote MORE time to blogging.