Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Little Lone Rock's Brush With Fame

My children attend Lone Rock School, a small rural K-8 school situated in the midst of hay fields, horse pastures, and a handful of houses (and yes, it was named for the large solitary rock out front--left over from glacial movement long ago, no doubt). Lone Rock is a good eight to ten miles from anything that resembles a town. It serves almost 300 students with an average of thirty kids per grade, fifteen per class. We don't really get a lot of recognition, as far as area schools go, but it's a nice, quiet little school with a lot of parent involvement and we like it for the most part--although you don't want to get me started about the kindergarten program. I've been less than thrilled.

My son knew that his third grade class was going to be featured today in the Missoulian, the biggest newspaper in Western Montana. As part of the paper's annual tribute to the "Newspaper in Education" program, kids from participating classes are encouraged to submit their own advertisements, editorials, creative stories, editorial cartoons, etc. to the paper. Tano's teacher, Mr. Lake, has long been using the newspaper in the classroom every week, but for this special edition, he had his students all submit ads for Macy's department store, since the manager of the Missoula Macy's had kids in Mr. Lake's class a few years back.

The kids knew that their class was going to be written up in a brief article with a photo, and they were all excited to see which one of their advertisements had been chosen for display in the paper, but when they opened the newspapers, they got more of a surprise than they were counting on. A photo of their class, in full color, covered the entire front page of the special NIE supplemental section. Little Lone Rock!

Below, I have scanned in the front page and the article about Mr. Lake. Enjoy. Click images to enlarge.

Kneeling: Noah and Rhiannon
Seated: Shylynn (Tano's 3rd grade crush), Rebecca, Rocio, Tawni, Bethany, Megan
Standing: Dylan, Tucker, Tano, the Macy's manager, Mr. Lake, Beth, Hannah.
Not pictured: Erik and Randy


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This is great! I love it!

Funkiller said...

Are you trying to tell me there are only 13 kids in that class?

Oh My Gosh!

Sherry C said...


Only thirteen kids in a class? Don't be ridiculous. Two students were absent when the photo was taken.

Megan said...

Very cool.

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That's so fun!

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OK, chop chop! Back on the blog!

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Tano's famous! Awesome! And so photogenic, too.

And Sherry, I take back my snarky comment about the weather in the last entry...it's snowing here this morning!

Are you gonna "replay" the tulip song you and Elli wrote last year?

alison said...

What is the dealy-o? Did a cougar get ya?

We all know this is a plausible concern.