Thursday, June 02, 2005

Conversations With My Five Year Old

(Earlier today, cuddled together on the sofa)

Mama: So you're saying that even if a woman has very fancy clothes and very fancy hair, but she isn't nice, then she doesn't seem very pretty to you?

Elliana: Yes. And what if she had fancy clothes and fancy hair, but she never smiled?

Mama: What would you think about that?

Elliana: Not very pretty.

M: Hmm. I think I would agree.

E: And what if she had not-fancy clothes and not-fancy hair, but she was very nice AND smiled a lot?

M: Pretty or not pretty?

E: Pretty! But what if she was a half-person, half-crocodile, half-mouse and half-giant?

M: Then what?

E: (emphatically) Not pretty.


(Yesterday, driving in the car from Florence to Hamilton)

E: Mama, are we going to Hamilton?

M: Yep.

E: Oh, good! 'Cause that's where that castle park, Hideout Mountain, is!

M: No, actually, Hideout Mountain is in Florence.

E: Oh. Then Florence must be a much bigger city than Hamilton.

M: Well, no, not really. Florence is much smaller than Hamilton.

E: (slightly flustered) Oh. I thought it was bigger! But at least I DO know that Hamilton is much closer to where we live than Florence.

M: I hate to tell you this, babe, but actually we live much closer to Florence. Hamilton is quite a bit further away.

E: (slapping her forehead in playful frustration) Oh, wrong again...but I do have some lovely parting gifts for myself.


karina said...

Each day is a little more special filled with a little bit of you! Hope your knee is feeling better, and happy late birthday, I forgot you were such a youngster. Well were off to t-ball (60 and drizzly). Lovin' your blog!

K Murphy J said...

"Oh, wrong again...but I do have some lovely parting gifts for myself."

lol! So, did she get this from you and Andy? Or is she a Price is Right junkie?

Sheila said...

So funny. She's you all over again! And happy belated birthday from me, too. I always remember yours because it's the day after Stu's. (or is it the day before? dang. i may be wrong again . . . )

Sherry C said...

Yes, I must admit, she stole that line from me.

"Mom, can we have seconds on dessert?"

"Oh, no, I'm sorry! But thank you for playing; we have some lovely parting gifts for you."

Yesterday's comment was the first time either of the kids have put it into first person like that, and it had me in hysterics!

Jeannie said...

oh LOL, LOL, LOL!!! I can hardly control my laughter--this is so hysterical! Dear, sweet, very funny Elli! Where on earth does she get her material???
Gramma Jeannie

Jeannie said...

P.S. Sherry, your comment hadn't shown up yet when I was writing mine. Now, I see where she gets some of her material.

Tom said...

Way to go El!

You made me laugh; milk-through-the-nose kind of laugh, even. Now, that's pretty good.


alison said...

That is funny! I know you have been programming her since birth, but the fact that she personalized it is hilarious.

Were you cruising around in the Tuna Boat?

Sherry C said...

Tom, wish I could have seen the milk.

Alison, the Tuna Boat is not yet fully operational. But the visual image works better with the big old station wagon than our non-descript Jeep, so you can think of it that way in your mind, if you'd like.

alison said...

Of course I don't know how you'll converse when you have the TB on the road as anyone in the back seat will be on another continent.

alison said...

P.S. I am blogging my head off today. Come keep me company!

Sniff. Sniff.

What's that?

Oh I'm fine. I was just cutting some onions.

Just kidding, I will only use my powers (as the Patrol) for good (getting others to write) not evil (coercing others to read - me!)

alison said...

Just so you know, 24 hours has passed since your last post. I don't even want to check the Green Fan.

Consider yourself warned.

Sherry C said...

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

alison said...


Sherry C said...

Come, come now. Don't hit the fan. On second thought, maybe you should hit the fan.

Jim said...

ROTFLMbO... Nah... She didn't really say that, did she..? Robin Williams isn't that funny. :)

Yup.. still catching up on blog.